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This Is the Only Home Prep Checklist You'll Need for Fall

As the Fall season approaches and the cooler weather begins to move in, the simple chores and tasks we need to check off in order to prep our properties for the colder season ahead may seem a tad endless. 

But Fall is actually the perfect time to prep your home for colder weather, giving you the opportunity to deal with any issues you may need to fix before Winter comes. 

Whether you choose to complete the tasks yourself, or hire a professional for smaller repairs, prepping your home now in the Fall season can save you time and money in the months ahead. Let's walk through the home prep tasks you'll need to consider to get your property ready. 

Clean those gutters

Start by cleaning out your home's gutters to avoid the risk of exterior surface damage to your home; clogged gutters can result in water damage in the basement as well, so it's important you stay on top of your gutters to avoid having to deal with risky damage come Winter. 

Check your home's weatherproofing

A home with any air leaks around windows and/or doorways or without proper weatherstripping can up your heating bill significantly, especially during the Winter. One easy solution to prevent undue heating loss (and costs!) is to check the weatherproofing around your home, inspecting all weatherstripping and caulking for gaps/tears/holes. If you find any, you can easily repair them by re-caulking to seal any potential air/heat leaks. 

Inspect your roof

Roof damage such as missing shingles or leaks can be a big pain once the colder weather hits, which is why it's pertinent to check your roof for any damage prior to Winter. If you spot or suspect any damage, call a professional roofing company to do a further inspection and repair any damage. This can prevent potential future leaks and is a good task to cross of our list early on. 

Don't forget about your home's waterproofing

With heavier bouts of rain or melting snow can come leaky basements and water damage around your home's foundation. Checking your property's waterproofing is key to keeping waterlogged foundations and leaks in your basement at bay! If you think you may have damaged waterproofing, contact a professional waterproofer for an inspection, especially before Winter, so that you're home is set to go for any heavy snowfall which may melt!

Clean out that fireplace

If you use your fireplace during the cooler seasons - specifically, Winter - it's extremely important to ensure your chimney is clean and free of build up in order to reduce the risk of a fire. You can work with a professional to thoroughly clean your fireplace, but they should also inspect it for any blockages, nests, or critters! 

Give your furnace a check-up

Checking in on your furnace can be as simple as replacing old filters and inspecting belts, but if you have reason to believe your furnace may need a little more TLC, have a professional look it over before it's time to turn it on! The last thing you want is an unruly furnace when it's chilly and snowing outside. 

Don't ignore walkways and driveways

In order to avoid harmful falls and tumbles once the weather turns hard surfaces icy, consider replacing or repaving significant cracks in your driveway, loose railings or broken stairs on front porches, and uneven walkways leading up to your front door. 

Drain outdoor plumbing/water systems

To prevent freezing pipes, drain all outdoor faucets and apply protective coverings to keep the cold out. This will save you a lot of hassle once the colder seasons pass and you're ready to use hoses, sprinklers and other outdoor water systems again!

Trim those trees

When trees become snow laden during the Winter, they can often bend and snap under the pressure and may damage roofing or siding. Prior to the Winter, trim back any overhanging trees and clear out broken or rotten limbs/trees. 


Joanna Cutaia-Beales