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These Are the Best Restaurants in Hamilton You Need to Try

You heard it here first, folks; Hamilton is the new restaurant mecca of Ontario.

Well, maybe it’s not so “new.” After all, Hamilton has been home to a few great spots for many years! But with so many independently owned businesses having made Hamilton ‘home,’ there’s a few gems you need to try the next time you’re looking to head out for dinner, or grab lunch with friends!

In this post, I’m naming off a few of my favourites (many of which you’ll find featured on social media).

Merit Brewing Co.

Merit is more than just a moody place to hang out and have a craft beer or two. Known for their unique space and delicious, locally-brewed beer, Merit also boasts a pretty eclectic menu of house-made sausages with fries you’ll fight over - seriously!

Fsh & Chp

At first, you may be surprised at this tiny gem in downtown Hamilton; its limited seating and mysterious blue curtain at the front of the restaurant make it seem more like an exclusive fish club than a place to grab a bite. However, if you’re craving crispy fish and chips, this is the spot to visit. They also happen to have delicious Mac n Cheese, and the staff are friendly as heck.

Mezcal Tacos + Tequila Bar

Most Hamiltonians have heard of or eaten at Mezcal; they’re known for their unique tacos and underground bar below the restaurant, but their funky space and intimate setting make this bar particularly neat. Due to its size and demand, there’s rarely a seat left unclaimed, however, if you’re able to get a seat, I recommend checking out this taco joint and trying a new taco (or three)!

The Ship

Before Hambrgr came along and stole many of our hearts, The Ship was serving up unique burger creations that seriously put a regular ‘burg to shame. The portions are ridiculous, but happen to taste out of this world. Another small-ish spot here in the Hammer, The Ship has a solid menu with a range of options, and happens to feature several local craft beers that pair well with your monster burger!

The Burnt Tongue

This OG spot started out small with one location in Hamilton and has since expanded, but the humble recipes remain extremely popular across Hamilton! Known for their soups, The Burnt Tongue is the perfect place to hang out during the colder months when you’re on the hunt for a yummy soup to warm the soul (and your hands!).

Earth to Table - Bread Bar

If you want a delicious pizza or house-made pastry for those on-the-go kind of days, this is the spot. Their yummy pizza dough makes for the perfect crust, but you’ll also find the Bread Bar consistently packed with hungry locals who come for the delicious menu and stay for the relaxed atmosphere. A must-visit if you’r new to Hamilton or looking for a place to eat on Locke Street!

Have a suggestion of your own? Let me know on social media! @joannacutaiabeales

Joanna Cutaia-Beales