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5 Beautiful Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

Contrary to popular belief, a bathroom does'n’t have to be sprawling in size for it to have great feel and even better function. You can take an existing bathroom and update it using simple design tips to modernize the space (and make it appealing to potential buyers, to boot!).

The key to effective bathroom updates is ensuring you maximize the use, functionality, and storage of the space; a large shower and luxurious materials are wonderful, but without the right form and function, a bathroom may lack what prospective home buyers need if you’re making updates to prepare your home for sale.

I’m breaking down 5 simple ways you can modernize your existing bathroom to maximize its space while adding unique updates home buyers may never have thought of!


Consider built-in shelving

Bathroom storage and organization can often be overlooked when trying to maximize the full potential of a space like a bathroom. After all, it’s an intimate space where people go to relax, unwind, and perform their daily self-care rituals. You probably have lots of stuff, and that’s okay!

As opposed to adding clutter with shelving and organizational units (like cupboards or free-standing shelving), consider built-in shelving. For example, built-in shelves in showers, or above bathtubs, are a great way to store hygiene products like shampoos and soaps without adding more items to the bathroom itself. It’s also a modern yet minimalist touch which a lot of homeowners can appreciate!


Give minimalist vanities a go

While many homeowners can appreciate double vanities, sometimes a single vanity that focuses on function rather than size is key, especially for smaller bathrooms where a larger vanity may eat up valuable space.

The great thing about single vanities is that they work in small spaces where the square footage of the bathroom is a bit tight, but also compliment modern designs. If you’re reno budget doesn’t save a lot of room for spaces like bathrooms, a single vanity, a statement wall (like the wallpaper to the right), and a new mirror can do the trick in making your bathroom feel brand new (and on trend!).

With vanities, you have a lot of room to play around, as you can make vanities using vintage materials, like antique dressers, cost-effective cabinets, and even drawing tables!


Rethink the way you store towels

Something as simple a few hooks (seriously) can change the way you use your bathroom space. Hooks and towel racks, for example, don’t typically take up a significant amount of space and can be easy to hide, to make a space feel even larger.

Try installing a few hooks, or a towel rack, next to the shower, or behind your bathroom door. This will ensure the space around vanities and toilets isn’t crowded, but if your space is quite small, the built-in shelving (see above) can work for towels, too!


Don’t disregard lighting (it’s important!)

Whether your bathroom has naturally lighting or not, brightening up a space never hurt anyone (especially if your bathroom is located in a basement, for example).

While you don’t need an extreme amount of lighting, where you place lighting in your bathroom is key. Over the mirror, for instance, as well as in a shower or above a bathtub, will keep spaces from feeling too dark, cramped, or small.

If your bathroom has considerable natural light, use that to your advantage by using lighter drapery, or replacing outdated bathroom windows with more modern, frosted ones. Privacy helps, too, but the natural light will go a long way!


Fixtures, fixtures, fixtures

One of the simplest ways to update existing bathroom hardware, like cabinets, sinks, drapery, and more, is to update fixtures.

Whether you have a specific style or design in mind, you can update bathroom fixtures using vintage or new items, or a little bit of a both. Edison bulbs, for example, have a steampunk look to them, but are often used to compliment modern bathroom makeovers.

By replacing faucets, shower rods, curtain rods, and even smaller items, like toilet paper holders, with new pieces which draw the eye in, you’re accentuating the tiny details in the grand scheme of the space.

From burnished gold fixtures to vintage mirror frames and modern toilet brush holders, or towel racks, fixtures are easy upgrades and don’t have to hurt your wallet!

Joanna Cutaia-Beales