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5 Signs That Show Your Realtor is the Right Fit

So, you're ready to dive into real estate and know you should probably take everyone's advice and work with a Realtor; but how do you know if your Realtor is the right fit for you?

Meeting with a Realtor for the first time is sort of like a "first date"; you're both getting to know one another, figuring out what it is you want from the partnership, and whether they'll be the right fit. As a Realtor myself, getting to know a new client is one of the best parts of the entire process - after all, I'm helping you with a potentially life-changing decision!

However, just because you get along with a Realtor on a personal or professional level doesn't necessarily mean they're the perfect fit to help you find your next property. There are 5 key things you can look out for when you think you may have found the perfect property buddy!

1. They make you feel comfortable about diving into real estate

I totally understand the first-time home buyer jitters clients can have when they are ready to dive into the real estate market but have no idea where to start, what to do, or how to begin their house hunt. Buying property is a big deal, but it should also be an exciting, fun, and comfortable process.

One of the most important aspects of a Realtor-client relationship is comfortability; you should feel comfortable going to your Realtor with questions, asking for their assistance, or simply asking their advice about even the tiniest of things when it comes to your home search. You should never feel pressured by your Realtor nor should you feel like they don't give you enough information. Which leads me to my next point...

2. They keep you informed but also teach and guide you along the way

Especially true for first-time home buyers, your Realtor should be able to not only inform you about the real estate process, but also teach and guide you. Many of my first-time home buyer clients ask me questions about property value, neighbourhoods, property issues, and more; because of my history of experience in renovation, property development and real estate, I can provide them with information, answers and advice. But I can also teach them what to look for, what to avoid, and how to spot value (or lack thereof!). 

Your Realtor should also provide you with information and resources which help you make informed decisions, especially when you're ready to put an offer in on a property. Market stats, neighbourhood information, Comparable Market Analyses and more can be provided by your Realtor!

3. They keep your future in mind (seriously!)

Buying a home is more than just buying a home - you are investing in your future. That's why a good Realtor will help you find the right property that can grow with you as you grow, because your Realtor should recognize that your investment in property is an investment in your future. 

By understanding where you see yourself in 2, 5, or even 10 years, your Realtor can better assist you in finding property that will serve your current and future needs. I like to approach this aspect of my relationship with my clients by talking with them about what they need, what they want, and what changes they can see themselves making in a property. 

4. They're your "realistic rock"

A "realistic rock" is what I like to think all good Realtors should be; instead of simply agreeing with their clients, an informed and professional Realtor will be realistic and honest - you may even say transparent - with their clients. 

For example, if I feel a client is searching for a home far outside of their budget with unrealistic expectations, it is my responsibility to my client to be realistic with them about their property purchasing decisions. If your Realtor is simply a "yes, man!" and just wants to make a sale, there's the likelihood that they won't assist you in making informed, realistic decisions with transparent, honest guidance. 

In other words, your Realtor should be a rock you can lean on, who also happens to be realistic and transparent with you!

5. They put your needs first

You're searching for a property which becomes an investment in your future. It only makes sense, then, that your Realtor put your needs first, especially when representing you during offers and closings. The same thing can be said for those looking to sell their property and work with a Realtor.

You should ask yourself questions such as, "Does my Realtor understand what I need in a home?" and "Do they understand my budget and price range?" You should also take into consideration whether your Realtor has your best interests in mind. Personally, I like to ensure my clients have access to information, resources, knowledge, and my own experience in this industry, so everyone can make informed choices that take into account their needs!

Joanna Cutaia-Beales